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Introduction to School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management

In June 2018, in accordance with the new situation of the construction of "Double First-Class" universities and the needs of professional development, Henan University established the School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management on the basis of Department of Cultural Industry Management and the Department of Tourism Management. At the beginning of its establishment, the school has established the development goal of "Rooted at the Central Plains, Be the First-Class and Famous at Home and Abroad ".

In 1993, tourism management major began to admit undergraduates. In 2003, it was granted to confer the first batch of master's degree in tourism management in Henan province. In 2010, it was granted to confer the first batch of professional degree in tourism management (MTA) in China. In 2013, it began to admit doctoral students in tourism culture (special history). In 2018, it qualified to admit doctoral students in tourism management. It is now a key discipline, a characteristic major of Henan province and a pilot major for comprehensive reform of Henan provincial specialties.

In 2011, major of cultural industry management started undergraduate admission, aiming to adhere to the integrated education mode of production, learning and research, which focuses on cultivating students' knowledge and ability of cultural industry development and market operation.

The college now has 26 full-time teachers, including 1 academic and technical leader of Henan province, 2 young and middle-aged backbone teachers in colleges and universities of Henan province, and 1 youth tourism expert training program of the National Tourism Administration. In addition, we have Cultural Tourism Research Base Of China Tourism Academy, Henan Cultural Industry Development Research Base and other provincial scientific research institutions,  a Henan Cultural Tourism Research Institute co-built with the provincial tourism bureau, a university-level Tourism And Urban-Rural Planning Center, and two college-level research institutes: Institute of Tourism Science and Institute of Entertainment and Exhibition.

In recent years, the faculty has published more than 500 academic papers in various journals, undertaking more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects such as the National Social Science Fund and the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the Ministry of Education. They have published more than 20 academic monographs and 30 textbooks, among which 3 textbooks are listed as national planning textbooks.

Over the past 20 years, we have cultivated nearly 2,000 undergraduates and more than 100 master and doctoral students.

There are more than 50 practical teaching bases. In various theme activities each year, including the World Heritage Day, Guide Competition, the World Tourism Day, and China Tourism Day, the number of students who win prizes in these activities is more than 200. More than 500 graduates have become senior management talents in enterprises, and more than 100 graduates have become professional backbone or academic leaders in institutions of higher learning, which have been highly praised by the society and employers.

In September 2017, the century-old prestigious Henan University entered the ranks of national "Double First-Class" universities. The school of cultural industry and tourism management is a new bud of this university, which will surely blossom in the rapid development of the university.